Vespa Holds Its Own

It is amazing that Piaggio has managed to keep the Vespa alive through so many decades. In fact, the Vespa scooter was always available, practical, and desired; it has also managed to maintain its appeal of the 20th century into the 21st century. In the beginning, the Vespa was a mundane green machine, offering a war torn country a semblance of vibrancy and life. Then, it became more elegant offering Vespa lovers a pearl white color, creating style and a fashionable sophistication driving the two-wheeled wonder from a necessity to representing high-style and the good life.

Manufacturers and market specialists were hesitant; on one side there were those who saw a future for Vespa and felt it was a superb idea, on the other side were the skeptics who were soon to be surprised. At the end of 1947 produced expanded and the next year the Vespa 125 was on the scene. This was a bigger model that would soon eventually be crowned the progeny of the first Vespa 98.

In fact, taking a look at the original Vespas, especially the Vespa 98 1946, 125 1948, 125U 1953, 125U 1953 Utility Version, 150 GS 1955, 160 GS 1962, 50cc 1964, 180 SS 1965, and 125 1966, you will find a stunningly rich collection of pastel hues. The colors seem to evolve with the feeling of enthusiasm that Vespa implied to their many customers. Though they were designed for any age, there is an eternal youth that surrounds each Vespa model.

The revolution of Vespa coincided with various other entertaining and lively concepts, including mass advertising campaigns such as those used on the slogan “Vespizzatevi” or “Vespa yourselves!.” Piaggio was also accomplished at producing spontaneous customer organizations like the Vespa Clubs, along with their own magazine and facilities. Vespa also had a union of riders that was inaugurated in 1949, and during that same year, a young lady from Naples by the name of Graziella Bontempo won the first Miss Vespa title. The Vespa has been sanctified as an icon of Italian steadfastness, joy, undying spirit, beauty, and Italian eloquence and quality.

By January 29, 2015.    Design