Vespa History From The 1980s and Beyond

Referring to an earlier timeline, at the end of the 1970s and early 1980s was indicative of ground-breaking designs and technical advancement in Vespa scooters. Scooters with large frames developed into the PX collection that began in 1978 with the Vespa 125 PX. This model was completely redesigned with a spare tire and compartment concealed at the rear of the cowling along with spanking new performance indicators, indicating a genuine transformation in more powerful scooters never seen before in Vespa history.

Vespa introduced the new P 200 E that consisted of a 200cc engine later in the year. Small framed scooters where placed in a new classification in the PK line, which launched with the 1983 Vespa Pk 50. This was the start of fresh beginnings for utility scooters, specifically with its stronger relative, the 1984 Vespa OK 125 Automatic pioneered automatic transmission. The Vespa PK 50 became part of the 1984 model design as well and an innovation in Vespa scooters manifested. Something else rocked the world of scooters in 1989, when the Vespa 50 N featured for the first time a 50cc engine with the capability of outputting more than 2bhp. This was a first in Vespa history.

A highlight for the company came about with its 50th anniversary, where a completely new compilation of Vespa ET4 in 1996, were the first Vespa scooters to run by a four-stroke engine. In addition, it has a disc brake and a completely automatic transmission. A few years later, the most powerful Vespa in its history, the 2003 Vespa GT 200 was launched. The freshly designed GT amalgamates the traditional Vespa design with the revolutionary four-stroke, four-valve, liquid cooled robust 200cc engine, while also adhering to all vital environmental policies.

From the special edition for Vespa’s 60th anniversary in 2006, the story of the two-wheeled sensation is brought to the present. In 2013, the 2014 Vespa 946 was launched. It has created a buzz as one of the best modern scooters ever designed while maintaining a “vintage” charm so widely loved in earlier models.

By January 29, 2015.    Design