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Links are growing fast, so let me know of any others (and remind me if I leave a CobWeb page up too long).

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Official Piaggio/Vespa Sites (official website of Piaggio’s North American operations) (Vespa website featuring certified Vintage Vespa Repair Shops and other information)

BigSites & Resources (Now an official Piaggio site.)
Vespa – Das Archiv (A very well done site from Germany)
Kees Portanje from Bunnik in the Netherlands. (A long overdue web treatment of this excellent collection.)
Vintage Scooters… (en Francais and in English)
Lambretta Club of Great Britain
Scooter.Com (Scoot! Quarterly)
Scooter Trader (scooters for sale)
Scooter Classifed Ads (scooters for sale)
Vespa Online (mostly in Italian)
The Official Daytona Beach Bike Week Web Site
Scooter Racing ASRA Scooter racing in United States. Yes it is actually going on.
Old Scooter Resources site for Vespa and Lambretta “The ultimate UK scooter site”
The GS4 Page The GS4 and Vespa GS fanpage
UK scoot site A very comprehensive UK scoot site
Vespanet Vespa GL, Vespa PX, Vespa Primavera, raduni, foto, manuali e altro
Rollertip Free Self posting scooter classifieds, event info, links, and more for North America.
Motor Scooter Australia A Comprehensive Guide to Scootering in Australia.
Vespa Fascination Vespa Fascination is back!
Den of the Lambretta
Den of the Vespa

News Groups and Big Talk

The International Scooterist BBS
Scooterist’s Meeting Place (chat)
Two Stroke Smoke
Irish Scooter Message Board A Message Board for Vespa & Lambretta’s in Ireland.
SOG scooter owners group


EuroVespa 2001
Scooter racing photo gallery 50cc scooter to the absolute limit in Spain.
Rally to I to Rarii
ScooterAce Heaven or Las Vegas – High Roller Scooter Rally
King’s Classic
ScootersBellissimo.Com’s Motoscambio Italiano 3 The largest all-scooter swapmeet on the West Coast. June 24, 2001 at 9:00am. Monrovia, CA (Southern California, USA)
Vespa club Aprilia Domenica 24 Giugno 2001 si terrà il IV Raduno Nazionale Vespa Club Aprilia. Tutte le informazioni su:
Dublin City Charity Scooter Cruise An annual scooter cruise through Dublin with 2 nights of partying and all for charity.
Vespa Club of Canada Rally 2001 Geared to Go-Go!! Aug 31-Sept 2nd
Cincinnati Scooter Rally Cincinnati’s 10 Year Lates are hosting Scoot-A-Palooza, March 29-31, 2002


Helium Angel (a band of scooterists.)
Steve’s Scooter Toy Collection
GenkideSka (mod/ska band from San Diego)
A scooter toy (featured in the Deutsches Historical Museum)
Superscoots Not up yet really, but we will finish it very soon.
The Buenos Aires Toy Museum Argentina

Vespa Club Sites

Federation Internationale des Vespa Clubs (FIV)
Vespa Club Buenos Aires Homepage of the Vespa Club of Buenos Aires – Argentina
Hong Kong Vespa Club Hong Kong Vespa clubs for all vespa lovers !!

National Clubs
Vespa Club of America (VCOA Knoxville ’98 )
The Vespa Club of Britain
The Vespa Club of Canada (Home of the most excellent Vancouver Rally – Labor Day weekend…)
Vespa Klub Danmark
Vespa Club of Finland
The Vespa Club D’Italia
Vespa Scooter Club Nederland
Piaggio Vespa Club Singapore
Vespa Club of Switzerland
Taiwan Vespa Club
Vespa Club Sweden
Vespa Club of Finland
Vespa Club Austria
Vespa Club von Deutschland

Vespa Club Touring Linz
VC Wespen Plusch Linz
Vespa Club Scaturio Schärding
Vespa Club Scootermania Styria, Weitz
Elite VC Linz Austria
Vespa Club Eferding Vespa Club Eferding VCE
VC Wien Homepage of VC Vienna

Vespa Club La Calamine
Vespa club ville de Bruxelles
The Classic Vespaclub Dilbeek If you like classic Vespa scooters than the Classic Vespa Club Dilbeek – Brussels is what you need

Vespa Klub Fyn Dänemark
Team Vespa East

Vespa-club de Bordeaux
Vespa Club Paris
Vespa Club Chalonnais French Scooter club, in the Burgundy region of France.
Vespa Club Ile de France The Vespa Club of Paris and its Suburb

Vespa-Club Bremen
Vespa-Club Bürgel
Vespa-Club Darmstadt
Vespa-Club Düsseldorf
Vespa-Club Erding-Freising
Vespa-Club Hagen e.V.
Vespa Club “Scooter Boys” Heilbronn
Vespa-Club Herner Vespen
Vespa- und Automobil-Sport-Club Kiel
Rollerfreunde Koblenz
Vespa Club of Köln
Vespa Club Lehrte
Drömling Vespen Neudorf-Platendorf
Vespa-Club Oldenburg 1986
Roadrunners – Vespa Club Werdenberg
Vespa-Club Bremen e. V. News, Dates and more
VC Bremer Vespa-Freunde Vespa Club in Bremen, Northern Germany, most activities in Bremen’s scooter scene
Vespa-Club Erding-Freising relaunched website
Vespa-Club Bremen e. V. (Germany)
VespaClub400 The German club for the Vespa-microcar

Vespa Club Cagliari
Vespa Club Genova
Vespaclub Il Vespaio Saluzzo
Vespa Club Oltrepò
Vespa-Club Torino
Vespa Club Trieste
Vespa Club Vicenza
Vespa Club Lecce The Official site of VC Lecce
Vespa club Lonigo Vespa Club of Lonigo (Vicenza)
Vespa Club of Florence, Italy The Vespa scooter scene from Firenze.
Vespa Club Novara New site Vespa club Novara
Vespa Club Aprilia Sito del Vespa Club Aprilia

Sogno Vespa Club

Vespa Club Groningen
Vespa Club Noord Holland The greatest Vespa Culb in The Netherlands New Site
Amsterdam Vespa Club Great Fun Site for Classic Scooter Fans. Loads of funny pictures – a must if you live near Amsterdam, Holland
Vespa Scooter Club Brabant

New Zealand
Vespa Club of New Zealand

Vespa Clube de Évora
Os Vespistas do Norte
Vespa Clube de Felguieras Vespa Clube de Felgueiras -PORTUGAL

Home Page del Vespa Club de Córdoba

Vespa Club Brunnen
Vespa Club Locarno
Vespa Club Oberaargau
Vespa Club Zürichsee
Vespa Sport Club Biel (Schweiz/Switzerland) Swiss Vespa-Club from Biel
Vespa Fan Club, Switzerland Come and visits our homepage of the VESPA FAN CLUB – Switzerland
Vespa Club Berne, Switzerland

United Kingdom
Veteran Vespa Club

United States
Vespa Club of Los Gatos
Vespa Club Pasadena
Vespa Club of Seattle Official site of the Vespa Club of Seattle
Vespa Club of San Francisco
Vesparados SC of Santa Barbara, CA
Vespa Club of Seattle

Northern California Scooter Council Club Sites

Burgundy Topz Scooter Club
Dana Scully Scooter Club
Vespa Club of Los Gatos
The Rally Kings
Secret Society S.F.
Slugrockets S.C.
SC Vampires M&SC Homepage (A terrific all-makes club.)
R Scooter Club of Monterey
Vespa Club of San Francisco
Absolute Beginners Scooter Gang Scootin’ in a college town…
Sneaky Devils Scooter Club Web site for the Sneaky Devils Scooter Club, Sacramento, CA. Cool chicks on bikes!

City Scene Sites

Scooters of Seattle
Scootboy’s P-Town Pages (Portland)
Salt Lake Scooter Scene
Santa Fe Scooter Scene (check out the base of the site Mad Mod Molly’s Lounge)
NYC’s Scooter Scene Check out the Manhattan scooter scene. Scootering in the Big Apple!
Pride Of Cleveland SC Home of the Pride of Cleveland SC. No, it’s not Phil’s Own Club anymore!
Berliner Rollermods Mods from berlin germany- starting in the early 80s
Toronto Scooters Toronto Scooters hosts Sunday ‘meet & rides’ for vintage scooter enthusiasts in the area.
scooterpoint Scooters of Switzerland
Dirty Vespa Club of Houston Four dirty scooterists in the heart of Houston’s downtown. Props to the red stripe 69ers!

Club Sites

Clubs Database – Scooter Clubs
The 820 Scooter Club (Singapore)
Abang-Scooter (Malaysia)
Aboriginal Scooter Club Neu-Ulm
The Anti-Sobriety League
A.S.U. Rheine-Emsdetten
Baltimore Bombers
Barely Legal S.C.
The Blijdorp Lifestyle & Scooter Club (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Blood Sweat and Gears Scooter Club
Boston Stranglers S.C.
Blues and Twos Scooter Club
The Cape Town Scooter Club One Checkered Demon’s Home Page , and another
Classic Scooter Club Norge (Norway)
Club Lambretta Santander
The Colchester District Vespa & Lambretta Club (U.K.)
Die Drei Lustigen Zwei (“The Three Happy Two”)
The Dirties of Denton, TX
Dirty Mills S.C.
East Dulwich Scooter Club
FäkalPatrioten ScooterClub
Full Moon Scooter Club – Syracuse NY (Expanded and looking good.)
Great Goo Ga Moo Ga S.C
HardLuck S.C.
Hard Pack SC
Hell’s Belles S.C.
Highlanders S.C.
Hollywood Rat Pack
The Internet Scooter Club
The Jäger S.C.
Jedi Knights S.C.
Jinx Scooter Club/Jinx Antique Scooter Club
Kickback S.C.
King Beez S.C.
Lambretta Club of France
Lambretta Club of Great Britain
Lonely Prowlers S.C. Göttingen Homepage
Maidstone & District (MAD) Scooter Club
Mid-Ohio Classic Scooters
Neaderthaler Rollerpack
The Negative Image Scooter Club (Rochester, NY)
Nice Boys and Girls Skooter Klub (San Francisco)
Oldham Phoenix Scooter Club
Olympia Scooter Enthusiasts Society
Outlands S.C. (San Francisco)
Pharaohs S.C.
Phillies Fun Club Bottrop (Germany)
Porridge o’ Hate SC
Red Stripe 69 S.C.
Restless Classics S.C. (Norway)
Rollerclub Vulkaneifel
Rollerfreunde Schaumburg und Weserbergland
Rollerfreunde Vest Recklinghausen
Scooter Club Segovia
ScootZilla- Rollerfreunde Rhein-Main
Scoundrels Scooterists
Screamin Mimis S.C. (or here ; all girls, all over)
Secret Society San Diego
Servetta, Indicators Scooter Club Bremen (Germany)
Stone Cutter’s S.C.
The Sunday Drivers’ Vespa Runs (South Africa)
Sunday Sport Scooter Club (Vespa bashing Lambretta purists)
Swedish Scooter Society Home Page (in swedish)
Telford Scooter Club
Teste Cromate Scooter Club (Modena, Italy) (“Balls of Steel”, or “Chrome”?)
Vespa T5 Owner’s Page
Vulcan S.C. (So. Florida USA)
Vulcan S.C. (France)
The Armed Forces Scooter Club Club for all serving and ex members of both Her Majesties Armed Forces and The Irish Defence Force.
E’SCOOTER Scooter life in the Philippines . We have Clubs, Parties, ScavHunts, Rides, Trips, Circuit & Drag Racing!
Aberdeen Outlaws Scooter Club Aberdeen Outlaws Scooter Club Web Site.
Northern Ireland Scooter Club Internet club based in Belfast Twist and Play SC, Portland, Oregon
Minnescoota / The Regulars The Twin Cities Vintage Scooter Club (but covers the whole Minnesota region)
Norsk Scooter Union Norwegian scooter scene, personal ads, interactive links, galleries from runs and more.
Philippine Scootering A site dedicated to philippine scootering Web site of Pharaohs SC USA
Roller Onkels S.C. Roller Onkels aus Westfalen
Heart and Soul Scooter Club An Austin, TX based scooter club.
Atomic Scooter Riders Club Canberra, Australia
VW Bus & Vespa a Cagliari Le immagini dei mitici mezzi attraverso la galleria fotografica degli amici Sardi
Heart and Soul Scooter Club Austin, TX based scooter club.
Hidden Power Scooter Club The german scooter-scene: Run-Reports, Tech-Tips, Upcoming Events…
Halifax Scooter Council. Nova Scotia, Canada.
Irish Scooters This is an Irish Scooter page for Irish Vespa & Lambretta Fanatics.
Peak SC
WUSSY.NET Northwest Scooter/MC Club
Budavest Indonesia
Megascooter Club de Catalunya Megascooter Club de Catalunya.
Hardly Rideables Cutdown and scooter chops beware of immitations cut it down and paint it black
Inner-City Scooter Club Leicester England Rally going club, mixed
Sbiellati Scooter Club From Italy – Vespe Biellesi
Jedi Knights SC The main site for the jksc, with links to the various chapters across the US.
Morlocks Scooter Gang Vespa, Lambretta and other Scooter stuff.
Lambretta Club of France
Colchester dvlc Colchester District Vespa and Lambretta Club organiser’s of Mersea Island Scooter Rally
Abang Scooter Members of Piaggio Vespa Club in Singapore
Can’t Start, Won’t Start S.C. Can’t Start, Won’t Start Scooter Club. Keeping the scooter scene alive in Nottingham
Wild Turkeys Scooter Club Wild Turkeys Web Page
High Endurance SC Rally High Endurance SC Rally
Dalkeith & District Scooter Club (Scotland)
Sydney Scooter Club Scooter club for those living in Sydney Australia
The Jet Set S.C. homepage The WWW home of Atlanta’s own Jet Set S.C. THIS SITE IS DEDICATED TO SCOOTERISTS EVERWHERE
Rollerfreunde A little Scooter-Club in a small town in Ostfriesland
Moscow Scooter Club, Russia Moscow Scooter Club, this largest association scooterists in Russia.
The Capital City Scooter Club Victoria BC Canada
Peterborough Lambretta & Vespa Scooter Club Scooters,Music,People,Fun
Finnish Scooter Club Home page for the Finnish Scooter Club (Suomen Skoottericlubi)
SuperScoots London Based Club – Dedicated to European Frolics and obsession.
English Rose scooter club English Rose’s new club site
South Bay Scooter Club New scooter club located in the South Bay (L.A.)
Wild Cherry Scooter Club The ladies auxiliary branch of the Capital City Scooter Club in Victoria BC Canada
Hamilton Ghosts Scooter Club One of the longest running scooter clubs in Scotland (UK)
Thailand Scooter Club
Scoot NZ NZ scooter site
Wild Turkeys Scooter Club Scottish Scotter Club Site
Morlocks Scooter Gang Vespa, Lambretta and other Scooter stuff from Berlin since 1984.
Probolinggo Vespa Club , Indonesia Probolinggo Vespa Club, East Java – Indonesia. Have a question, please send mail to
Halifax Scooter Council Scooter Club in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Southern Alliance Scooter Club A southern Ireland Scooter Club.
Hull Blues SC
Scooter Club Thailand
Copenhagen Scooter Club
Bus & Vespa a Cagliari Le foto dei mitici mezzi in Sardegna
Sydney City Scooter Club
Dummy Tanked SC Club for Vespa 50/90ss owners. Free membership.
The Russian Vespa Club Vespa is known even in Russia.
Vespa Indonesia Online Internet Gathering for Vespa fans in Indonesia
Western Massachusetts Scooterists Scooterculture in western Massachusetts, USA
South Palatine Scooterists (Germany)

Scene Sites (with scooter content)

The Boiler (Mod)
The Bollocks (Mod, lots of good scooter stuff here)
Smashing Time (Mod)
All Mod Cons (Mod)
Ska Mining Co. (Ska)
Cybervespa (Scooters)
Irish Scooter Scene An insight into the Irish Scooter scene and anything related to Vespa’s & Lambretta’s
exit17sc /mod-ern world e magazine Exit 17 Scooter club for Wiltshire & Somerset, also Mod-ernworld e mod magazine.
Golden Green The one and only Mod/punk band from Belgium.
Vespissimo, vintage Vespa e-zine Vespissimo, a regular updated e-zine about vintage Vespa’s


Scoot! Quarterly
Scootering Online (U.K., in German and English)
Motorroller Magazine
Fourth Gear Scooter Zine
Scooter Magazine (Italy)
To Rio By Scooter
2strokeBuzz Motorscooter ‘Zine America’s second or third best scooter Z’zine is now on the web!
Vespa Forever “Tutto sulla vespa, da un punto di vista molto personale”


Lambretta Club d’Italia
Lambretta Club of Great Britain
Lambretta Club of France
Club Lambretta Santander
Lambretta Evergreen (An Awesome Lambretta Site!)
The Lambretta Specialists
1968 Lambretta Silver Special
Sunday Sport Scooter Club (Vespa bashing Lambretta purists)
Lambretta Martini Rosselini (Can it live up to the name?)
Lambretta Archives
100 mph lambretta This site is dedicated to the development of the worlds fastest lambretta ??????
Lambretta Club of America
David’s Lambretta page
Racing Lambrettas From old scooter racing to Euro Lambretta pictures
Xmas Lambretta Rebuild in 3 weeks of LI 150 s1
Jonbretta Things for and about Lambrettas
Casa Lambretta USA Quality Lambretta parts and scooters from Vittorio Tessera himself.

Different Bikes

Atlas Motor Vehicle (Cushman)
The Chopped and Cutdown Scooter Page
C&R Cushman
Cushman Home Page
Chuck’s Cushman Page
Cushman Scooters
Cushman Scooters (“Airborne”)
Larry’s Cushman
Nori’s Cushman Web page
Texan Cushman Club
Denzil Vallance’s Homepage (serious moped racing)
The Doodlebug (The story of a boy and his ‘bug…)
Dürkopp Diana Info Point
Eversunny Scooters Home Page (plastic scooters)
Fuji Rabbit Page
Kusu’s Rabbit Scooter Page
Heinkel-Club Deutschland e.V.
Helix Ridr’s Home Page
HelixRuss’s Home Page
Tim’s Scooter Page (Helix)
Albert Dütting’s Hexagon Page
Misubishi Silver Pigeon
Northwest Scooter Enthusiasts (all makes, heavy on newer plastic)
Kjetil’s NSU Page
Scooter Boy! (plastic power)
SCOOTJAKE’s Home Page (A Pigeon man)
Scooter Racing Pix (Plastic scooter racing.)
The VeloCruz Motorized Bicycle
Voyager Scooter Club (non-european plastic scooters)
Zündapp Bella
Zündapp Bella (Zuendapp-bella,com)
Lupo’s Motorroller Page Different old, vintage motorscooters like the A.C.M.A., T.A.P., etc.
The Peugeot Speedfight Site
Piaggio Hexagon Owners Message board for Hexagon owners ….
Jim’s Cushman Scooter Site Compresensive site for owners of Cushman Scooters.
Scooter Frank’s C70 Passport Page A Chicago-Lincoln Park Scooter Page featuring Pics and links.
Doug’s Cushman Restoration and Sales Doug offers complete restoration on Cushman motorscooters. He frequently has several completed scooters for sale.
Ralph’s Silver Wing Page Honda Silver Wing 600 Fanpage with all info’s about the new MaxiScooter!
The Unofficial PGO Website PGO scooters and other products.
Boris Silver-Wing Tagebuch All about my Honda Silver-Wing 600 Scooter
Cezeta online services Cezeta info & sales
Ferris’ Yamaha Riva 125 Page Everything about the Yamaha Riva 125
Minn-Max, The Minnesota Maxi-Scooter Club Focus on Maxi-Scooters, like the Honda Reflex and Helix, though all scooter riders are welcome.
Todi Fang As your works in China, Asia, please reach us freely if you need any more.
Gav’s CH250 page Aussie site about 1988 Spacy (CH250)with technical info.

Scooters, Shops, and Stuff For Sale

The skooterstore dublin Ireland’s biggest skooter store. restores of all scooters
ModCycle New Scooter & Parts from Italjet, Malaguti, Malossi & more. Helmets & Goggles from Davida. Dedicated to the preservation of Vespa scooters, scooters and parts for sale. Tuning, tech tips etc.
Free Classifieds Free Classified advertisements for scooters vespa and lambretta
Andiamo! Motorscooters New and vintage motorscooters in Atlanta Georgia. Import and sale of original vintage italian and german scooters.

Shops & Service
Piaggio Center Balart and Piaggio Center Barcelona
Saigon Scooter Centre
Scooter Island Scooters New and Used.
ScooTerino 66 Vintage Vespa and Lambretta scooters + parts for sale
2211 Works Manila Philippines
Skooter Shop Irelands Biggest & Best Vespa Piaggio shop, plus Accessories & clothes
ScootrS Lambretta Vespa Scooters and Parts Manufacturing Tri-national: Oakland scooter warehouse, Vancouver parts warehouse, Saigon factory/shop.
BD-scooters Parts for Iso,Lambretta & Vespa
Scooter Cosmetics Singapore Specialised accessories for Vespa and Lambretta.
Xscooters Puerto Rico
ScooterWorld Shop in Rennes, France.
Kegra Scooter Centre

Baltimore Vespa
Big People Scooters (Seattle)
First Kick Scooters (San Francisco)
Garner’s Classic Scooters (Can it live up to the name?)
San Francisco Scooter Centre (San Francisco, CA)
Scooter Cafe (Santa Ana, CA)
Scooter Classics (Atlanta)
Scooter Shop (So. California)
Scooters Bellissimo
Scooters Originali (New Jersey)
Scooterworks USA (Chicago)
SF Moto & Scooter (San Francisco)
SF Scooter Centre (San Francisco)
Speedo King
Sportique Scooters (Denver)
SuperSport Scooters (Tempe, AZ)
Vespa Haus (Sacramento)
Vespa Motorsport (San Diego)
Vespa Supershop Inc. (San Diego)
West Coast Lambretta Works
Monarch Scooters Southern California Vespa and Lambretta sales.
South Austin Scooters The only scooter shop in Austin, TX
Moto Paradiso Scooter shop in Santa Barbara,Ca.
Mr. Scooter Sole US distributor of Malaguti Scooters.
T-Bones Cycles Philadelphia Area Scooter Repair, tuning sales restoration
Vespa Superstore The Vespa Superstore is the Vespa dealer for the Southeast with shops in Columbia, SC and Miami, Fla.
Apollo Motor Sports Vespa Restoration and Modern Scooter Shop in Houston, Tx
M25 Imports, Inc. Sales of Vespa motor scooters and parts. Located in Atlanta Georgia.
Columbia Scooters Sale, service, rental and restoration of Vespa and Kymco scooters in Hood River, Oregon.
Bella Classico (New York City)
bad motorscooter parts
Vespa of Orlando Central Florida’s only Vespa Dealer

United Kingdom
Cambridge Lambretta Workshops
JD Scooter Classics
Malossi UK (performance parts)
Midland Scooter Centre
Scooter World
Weston Scooter Parts
Yorkshire Scooter Centre
j.groves scooter parts lambretta & vespa scooter parts
Scooterworks UK
Classically Italian UK Lambretta/Vespa specialists, Trophy winning restorations at a sensible price, repairs, parts, and free coffee
Skaville UK No.1 specialists in selling unique scooter scene related merchandise – Worldwide.

A-1 Motorcycles; Guzzi, Laverda and Vespa
Forcycle European Motorcycles
Ride-on Motorcycles (Byron Bay)
Scootique (Australia, Vespa & Lambretta Parts, etc.)
Vespa House – Australia
The Scooter Centre Vespa Sales & Service
Motorini Scooters

Scooter Attack
Scooter Technologies
Stoffi’s Garage
Vespas & Lambrettas for sale at low prices !! We offer rare italian scooters at very low prices! shop selling vespa-scooters, spare&tuning parts.

Devil Inside (Germany)
Köln Scooter Centre
Motze Rollershop
S.I.P. Scootershop
Planet Scooter Rollerzubehör-Ersatzteile-Tuning-Service
klassische Vespas ersatz- und zubehörteile für klassische vespas, restaurierung , motorüberholung VESPA VINTAGE
Der rollerladen der rollerladen – europas biggest store for vespa and lambretta parts, here you find all hard to find parts for your vespa and lambretta oldies !

Casa Lambretta Home Page (The Vittorio Tessera)

KY Vespa (In Japanese)
Motorino del Vento ‘s home page (mostly in Japanese)
NARIKAWA HOME PAGE (mostly in Japanese)
Vespa Wonderland: Homepage (mostly in Japanese)
Vespa Stage1

Vespa Shop
Home of classic and vintage vespas

Performance Scooters (Canada)
Kingston Scooters Old School Vespa’s and lambretta’s

Service Only
The Vespa Nest-Unauthorized Scooter Service (Alhambra, CA)
Arlington Service (like scooters, fixes 3 wheelers, Bajaj, lawn mowers)
Hotscooter Hot rod scooters built here.
Vespainter Italian site of Vespa paintings and restorations

Bikes and/or Parts Only
Dennis Carpenter Reproductions (Cushman)
Fair Performance (Cushman)
Jay’s Scooters For Sale (Austin, TX)
Motosprint (Italy)
Opium Trade (UK)
Quepo Corporation (Italy)
Sidecars? By George!
Vintage Vespa Company
Zirri Elaborazioni (A manufacturer of performance kits for Vespa and other scooters.) Classic Vespas 4Sale
Wheels of Europe, Inc. Classic Vespa Scooters
Garner’s Classic Scooters Online catalog for all your Vespa needs.
Pirate Imports The largest Classic Italian scooter importer in the United States
Sostanza Design Vespa’s accessories
Portland Scooter Co. New and old Vespa parts. Sells wagons and vespas in Iceland

Scooter Stuff
Retro World Scooter Models
Coca-Cola logo products catalog
Darwin Motors (Davida helmets)
200cc (Vespa-branded gear)
VespaCart Girls (Cool girls, cool cart, cool gear.)
Street Trend (Lambretta-branded clothing)
Scooter Crazy (Videos)
Vespa Modelli Beatifull Vespa scale model in resin, scale 1/18. Only on request, only by internet
Vespa & Scooter Sterling Silver Charms
Mojo Mojo have Vespa and Lambretta scale replicas for sale, with free delivery in the UK. all things scooter
Affetto Vespa Vespa Parts & Accessories

Scooter Parts & Equipment Manufacturers

Bettella (aftermarket parts)
Coker Tire (repro. vintage tires)
SITO (exhausts)
Malossi UK (performance kits)
Bel-Ray (oil)
NGK (sparkplugs)
BD Scooters a new scooter site where you can buy a replica of the old Lambretta and Vespa sidecars, spare parts and used scooters!
Vespina Mondo Nederland Restauration, parts, scooters. Vespa performance carb, cylinder eytc.
Leasaac Scooter Cosmetics Singapore Specialised in all kinds of accessories and parts for your Vespa and Lambretta
Pi karting We are an engineering workshop specialized in 2 & 4 stroke tuning.
Kung Fu Cycles Motor Scooter Performance Parts
N.T. Spares Lots of spare parts for Scootors, Mopeds and Motorcycles

Scooter Friendly Businesses

Dylan’s Pub (Home of the Vespa Club of San Francisco)
Berklay Air Express (No. American and International shipping)
Ska Brewing Company (Durango, Colorado)
Good tips on shipping bikes
Those Blasted Scooters!! (Ian Hepworth’s sandblasting service)
164 Currency Converter by OANDA (Buy foreign without guesswork!)
Lorenzo Lucatelli Motorcycle Cleaning Products
Broadway Title Company (easy vehicle registrations)
Palo Alto Speedometer, Inc. (Service, Repair and Restoration)
Motorcycle Riders Foundation
Skully Records
International Title Service
SX appeal Scooter and Mod clothing and accessories
LittleStarDesigns Scooter-related promotional T-Shirts, badges, pictures, hand-made cards.
Scooter Fabrications Lambretta & Vespa custom parts
Reid Illustration and Design Design house producing vintage-style prints features scooters and more.

Companies Manufacturing or Marketing Scooters

Piaggio WWW server
Vespa of Taiwan

Personal Pages

Susanna’s VespaGrrrl Pages
Ian’s VespaWorld
The Kloned Homepage
Vespa Net (Italy)
Martin’s Vespa Rally 200 Page
Alan’s Home Page
Chaney’s World
JPM’s Vespa Projects (Boston, USA)
Pablo’s Vespa Pages (Spain)
Tom’s Scooter Bunker
Sam’s Scooter Shack
Georg’s Scooterpage
Vespa Intersection
WebCars-Vespa 400
Jen’s a Vegan Straight-edge Scooterist
A ’64 Allstate (Vespa) project
Vespa Mia
The Life of Mark (and “The Great Vespa Adventure”)
Saint Paul Street
Patrick S. Owens
Nobu’s Vespa!
Paul & Ann Thomson’s Page
Nynne Dalå and Christian Petersen
Cafe Vespa (in Japanese)
Chaz’s Page
vespa encounters
Simon’s World
Pinocchio Lambretta (in Japanese)
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Scooters! (Jason Loxam)
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Bert’s scooter page!!!!
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Jeff Lillie (Jeff’s back w/ some old ads)
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Vespa-Go-Go (in Japanese)
Sr. Sombra (This Brazilian photo lab thinks it’s founder rode a Lambretta in 1960. They’re wrong.)
Vespa Impact (A new page by an Irish scooterist)
Mike’s Scooter Glossary (Mike wants your submissions…)
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How Expansion Chambers Work
Vespa Tune-up Tips And Specifications
Vespa Mod Fuck Homepage
Hjemmeside for Tore
Dr. Ken Wildman (a scootering shrink, we probably all could use one.)
The Vespa Channel
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Vespa page (a new site from Germany)
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La Vespa ma vespa 125ts , infos, technique, forum, liens
Officina Super Sprint foto dei nostri restauri, viaggi e raduni. manualistica e collezione vespa
Scooter Daze Baldies on bikes and the people we meet
Richie’s Classic Cars and Motor Scooters 1966 Sears 125 and 1959 Cushman restorations and my classic cars.
SCOOTER SYNDROME The best private museum in the world
Franckarin Our Vespa
Azuquita racing web Racing scooters A scooterist residing in South Africa
Antic Scooter French scooters
Rollerfreunde Grenzland scooter club in germany.
Vespa Moped Original 60’s, 70’s and 80’s vespa moped and scooter ad-stuff
20 Jahre Vespa In 20 Jahren Vespaclub erlebt man einiges.
Gar’s Gorey (Ireland) Photos page Photos From Great Go Ga Moo Ga Rally in May 2001.
Vespa Performance Tuning Information on Tuning 2-stroke Engines and Vespa Performance Parts.
The McLaughlin’s Personal site Private collection, restoration-tips, … will be translated into english soon Great Yarmouth
Vespa 150 Super Restoration Project
Piaggio X9 & Vespa
Scoot Scoot Riders/Lovers From Singapore
Austin Power Personal iMran’s bike

CobWeb Pages

Vespa Fascination (Killer graphics, check the “Timeline”!)
Scooter Glory (Dublin, Ireland)
Torge’s Vespa Cartoons (Auf Deutsch, in German)
The Bonk Surf Scooter (see the root of this site for an overview of other entertaining Bonk technologies.)
Bloody Knuckles S.C.
Scooter Fans Still Swarm To Vespas After 50 Years (The Salt Lake Tribune, 8/4/96)
Scooterama (St. Louis)
Performance Scooters
Joe Boxer Cyberscooter
Italian Motorscooters (Was
Scooters on Display (San Francisco)
Planet Italy’s Vespa Tribute
Vespa Club – Lenzburg
Vespa del Psychedelico!
Scooters!!! (Jeff Corsaro of the Moped Corner has his new ET4 and Photoshop working hard.)
Phil’s Scooter page
Chain of Fools
The Party Chambers
Timo’s Scooter Site
roller vespa scooter seite
Skinheads on the Internet – Intro
don’t kid yourself– ride a vespa
Fritz-Andreas Neidhart
I Am Vespa Boy!
John’s Scooter Talk (hilarious, I think I downloaded this, I’ll try to re-post it.)
Kinder Nacht (Was on Scooter Scene, I’ll try to repost this too.)
The 9th Annual Fall Classic (Pictorial of the Tucson-Nogales Run)
MidKnight Scooter Club (Portland, OR)
SpeedFreaks ScooterClub Hattingen Homepage
giornata vespistica (in Italian)
10/14/96 THE NEXT MR. FIAT? (Fortune, on Agnelli)
The Most Modern Scooter Site (Hates Vespas, likes modern Italian plastic)
SOMA Artist’s Loft (Photo Prints)
John Kennedy’s Scooter Page
Makoto Yoshida
Astrology (Spring predictions for the sign of Vespa.)
U. H.’s VESPA fan page!
The Vespa Scooter homepage
Eric Webster’s Life and Loves with Motorcycles (more from Eric Webster)
Jeremy Mawson
The Black Sheep Scooter Squadron (moved to The City, joined SSSC, gone again…)
Scoot-or-City (New Orleans)
Mr. 2-Stroke On line
Noriko’s Vespa Diary (in Japanese)
Vespa Mag (in Japanese)
The Finnish Scooter Army / Scootering DeadHeads HomePage
Speed Demons Scooter Club Info
Uppsala Scooter Klubb
Scooting along, after a fashion (Seattle Times, 2/24/98)
Alan Holt
It’s a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod World
Steve’s “funky like yo’ mama” page
Volker`s Homepage-Vespa
Andreas Prädel’s Homepage (english version)
Cushman On-Line
Die Heinkel Seite
A guy with a couple of Heinkels
Japanese Scooter and Mountain Dew Tribute Page
On-the-Road Scooters (Richmond, VA)
KC Embroidery (low cost club and ride patches)
The Motor Scooter Index (The first, and one of the best.)
Lambretta Evergreen (An awesome Lambretta site!)
Vespa Connection BBS FTP Site (Daren’s BBS has a Web side. This is the source for many of the graphics you see at other sites.)
1996 Cinquant’anni in Vespa – Home Page (in Italian)
UV Transmission
The X96 New Wave Vespa! (Looks like some radio station raffled off a Vespa, who won?)
Scooter Forums A place to discuss everything about scooters and scootering life.