5 Things You Should Never Forget During the Wedding Planning Process

When it comes to planning a Calgary wedding, there are certain tasks you must never forget to perform and things that you must not forget to plan for. Otherwise, what is meant to be the most memorable day of one’s life can turn into an outright nightmare. While there is definitely a lot on one’s mind during the wedding planning process, make sure these five critical elements are not overlooked.

calgary vespa weddings photographers1. Make Sure You Properly Interview the DJ or other Live Entertainment

There is a time and a place for everything. Your wedding may not be the place you want a hip hop party to erupt and you probably won’t appreciate the DJ trying to turn the reception into his latest rave. While live entertainment may come highly recommended or a DJ may have a stellar reputation in the club scene, it doesn’t mean they are an appropriate choice for a wedding. When interviewing the DJ or band, make sure you are on the same page in regards to the ambiance you want and ask to see videos of their past wedding performances.

2. Do Not Forget to Budget for Everything

When planning a wedding, there is usually a set dollar amount when it comes to the budget and a lot of things to cover within that set dollar amount. You want to make sure you budget for everything before you do your shopping so you can ensure that you won’t go over budget or be left without a way to pay for any items or services if you do go over. That means making a list of all of the services and items you will need for the wedding, such as the venue, the dress, the Calgary wedding photographer, the tux, wedding favors, etc. From the large-ticket necessities to the little things, be sure you create a budget for each line item to ensure you stay on target in regards to the wedding finances.

3. Do Not Forget to Book the Photographer Well in Advance

If you wait until the weeks before the wedding to book your Calgary wedding photographer, you may find that all of the reputable photographers are booked and cannot accommodate your special day. The best Calgary wedding photographers book up fast. That is why it is essential to decide on which photographer you will be using as soon as you know the date of the wedding and get onto his or her calendar before that date is taken by another soon-to-be bride and groom.

4. Remember to Visit the Venue Early On in the Planning Process

Perhaps you attended a wedding 10 years ago and fell in love with the venue. You desperately want to book it for your own wedding, so you do so over the phone without visiting the venue again. That could be a tragic mistake. A lot can happen in ten or even two years. Management may have changed. The venue itself may have become run down. No matter how much you loved the venue the first time you saw it, be sure to visit it again before reserving it for your own wedding.

5. Don’t Forget to Plan for the Honeymoon Arrangements

So many people become so tied up in planning the actual wedding event, they forget to make proper arrangements for what is to happen immediately after the wedding. If the bride and groom are leaving for the honeymoon directly after the reception, make advance arrangements for car service and plan where the luggage will be stored during the ceremony and reception.
With so much to plan for, it is easy for some crucial elements to get lost in the planning process. Keep these things in mind to ensure nothing is overlooked or forgotten when planning this very special day.